Place a technician at your customer site virtually.

How does Apollo work?

Apollo provides visibility and control over the remote equipment computer interfaces, and optional video camera perspectives. With Apollo, almost all problems can be solved remotely.

How Apollo works diagram

Connect, diagnose and resolve technical issues in minutes

Apollo is a self-contained unit that connects to the keyboard, mouse and video output ports of remote equipment and/or its interface computer. It includes an optional video camera for extra visibility of the physical setup.

During operation, Apollo transmits the real-time high-resolution display screen and optional video camera feed to the remote technician. It sends back keyboard and mouse commands executed by the offsite technician. This allows problems to be solved as though the technician was physically present with the equipment.

Benefits of Apollo

Comprehensive, reliable remote support
Cost savings, with no need for travel to customer site
Faster problem resolution and happier customers
Technicians free to help a larger number of customers

Why remote technical support?

Equipment downtime has an immediate impact on business profitability. And waiting for a support technician means lost business, lost opportunity and lost income.

With Apollo, almost all problems can be solved remotely which means your equipment can stay operational and you can generate more revenue.

How will you use Apollo?

Get in touch to let us know how your organization could benefit from Apollo’s remote technical support.

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